Frequently asked questions

Nippon Oil Pump FAQ

Do you sell repair kits for Nippon Oil Pump Trochoid Pumps ?

YES! Industeq stocks many seal kits, couplings and releif valves for most series NOP Pumps. However Shafts and internal G-rotor may not be available.
Please call us @ 281-565-8600 to discuss all options.

I have a Nippon Oil Pump that has no Pressure ?

(1) Check for cavatation and abnormal noise. (2) Check inlet filter if dirty. (3) Check if inlet piping is crused or a crack. (4) Check all inlet clamps on hoses. (5) Check if inlet piping is not elevated above pump. If above ok, the pump internal G-rotor may have excessive wear.

Does Industeq repair Nippon Oil Pumps ?

Yes! We are a NOP service center with the proper testing equipment. Please contact us about repair as some models are not repairable.

I purchased a NOP pump from another brand and/or supplier, can I send in for repair ?

Sorry, we only service Nippon Oil Pump that was factory equiped on existing machine tools. Please inquire as Industeq can give other options.