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Nippon Oil Pump offered through Industeq Inc, the Authorized USA Distributor. Industeq has been selling, servicing and supporting NOP products since 1997. We keep a continuous daily contact with Nippon Oil Pump factory in Japan. 

Industeq regularly visits NOP facilities in Japan. There, our service specialists receive training by Nippon Oil Pump engineers on design and functionality of the various types of pumps and valves offered through NOP.

USA Support


We know Nippon Oil Pump Trochoid pumps inside and out, and we offer technical details to support, ranging from OEM's to the end users. Our experienced factory trained sales and support staff is bilingual in both English, Japanese and Spanish. We have the ability to understand Japanese NOP documentation should any translation be required.

Nippon Oil Pump / Trochoid pumps are used for spindle oil circulation, gearbox oil circulation, wind power lubrication, pumping of fuel oil, and used as high pressure coolant pumps on machine tools. NOP Trochoid Pumps have a 100 year history of reliable service.

We know Trochoid


Do you need phone support, or have questions about your specific Nippon Oil Pump Trochoid model pump? We have the expertise to get you the answer you need to keep your machinery running. Is there a certain application that you have in question? Let Industeq assist you with the factory direct backup of Nippon Oil Pump support and management staff members in Japan.

Industeq offers Nippon Oil Pump sizes from the small series like TOP-10MA to the intermediate TOP216HBMVB and up to the larger type series like TOP-4100AMLVB. The Nippon Oil / Trochoid pumps are for many applications including oil, coolant, high pressure coolant, fuel oil, gearbox oil circulation, machine tool lubrication, spindle oil circulation and wind power lubrication.

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